Rules and guidelines

  • Limited slots are open at a time.

  • Payment is done upfront via paypal invoices, it will include a small processing fee. Do not send payment before I've sent the invoice.

  • 1 revision per commission, with minor tweaks.

  • No refunds are given unless I'm unable to finish the commission.

  • Commissions are for personal use only, and cannot be used for commercial purposes.
    Email me for commercial commissions:

  • You may post the finished commission on your social media (with credit), and print it out for yourself.

  • I retain the right to the finished piece so that I have the option to post it on social media and be used in my portfolio etc. If you want me to wait before/if I publish it, please let me know before hand.

  • I reserve the right to deny any commissions request.

  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to and acknowledge all my policies.


  •  Please give detailed a description of what you want commissioned, the more details the better the end result! If you have any visual references, I'd love to see them! You can send your references to after you've submitted your commission booking. 

  • After payment is sent, I will start on the sketch that will then be sent for you for approval and changes/revisions. After this only minor changes will be able to be made.

  • I will do detailed background to an extent (for an extra fee), but keep in mind that my speciality lies in portraits!

  • Expect the finished result from anywhere between 2 weeks - 1 month, depending on complexity and number of orders. I will limit my orders so that I can work on a smaller amount in the start. If you want it rushed, that will add an extra fee. Communication is high on my priorities and I will keep you updated as much as i can!

  • All finished orders will be sent via e-mail in a high quality digital file.

Colored digital painting

  • Bust: 65€

  • Half Body: 75€

  • Full body: 110€

+ Per additional character:

  • 20-30 for small character/creature

  • 40 for bust

  • 50 for half body

  • 70 for full body

+ 25-40€ for detailed background 

Black and white digital painting

  • Bust: 50 €

  • Half body: 60 €

  • Full body: 80 €


+ Per additional character:

  • 10-20 for small character/creature

  • 30 for bust

  • 40 for half body

  • 60 for full body

+ 25-40€ for detailed background